Rio Celeste – Celeste River

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Rio Celeste, or Celeste River, is a natural place of beauty that should not be missed on your trip to Costa Rica. Here, gushing waterfalls cascade off lush green ledges and into calm pools below, ideal for swimming among chirping birds and the best scenery any tropical rainforest has to offer.

What really sets Rio Celeste apart from other waterfalls and rivers, though, is the fantastic chemical reaction that occurs to make its waters a unique, milky turquoise color, thanks to sulphur mixing with calcium carbonate.

As the river is located in Tenorio Volcano National Park, the geothermal activity below the earth’s surface has created many hotsprings near Rio Celeste that you can enjoy while you’re here. And, of course, you’ll get to take in the spectacular sights that a volcanic national park covered in the rainforest has to offer.

Getting to the Rio Celeste area isn’t easy on your own and arriving to the river itself requires a walk through the forest that is best done with the assistance and local knowledge of a guide. So if you’re ready to experience this spectacular gift of nature, please contact us so we can organize the perfect vacation for you.

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