Potrero Surfside

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Set in a sheltered bay on a beautifully warm sandy beach with clear, clean water, Potrero is synonymous with vacation. It’s easy to fall in love with the relaxed atmosphere here, so much so that many a tourist has quickly become a local, by buying a little property near the beach and living the crazy, busy life of North America or Europe far, far behind.


The calm bay makes Potrero an ideal location for kayaking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, snorkelling and sportfishing. It’s also a great access point for SCUBA diving, where you’re likely to see puffer fish, manta rays and reef sharks among volcanic reefs under the surface. From here you can also book a boat and captain for an exciting day of deep sea fishing, where you might catch marlin, swordfish and tuna, and likely some delicious red snapper. Dolphins and whales are a common sight in the waters in this area of Costa Rica, so keep a look out for the diverse marine life Potrero has to offer.



Restaurants in Potrero serve fresh fish caught by the fishermen who live locally and anchor their vessels to the north of the bay.

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