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Monteverde is home to Costa Rica’s oft-photographed cloud forest, a place that absolutely must be explored while you’re in the country. An old-growth forest that has been left untouched by development has made a perfect home for countless species of butterflies, tropical birds and rainforest mammals that you may never see anywhere else.

Monteverde is a dream come true for hikers, photographers, scientists, and bird or nature lovers. Our guide will take you hiking through the hills and educate you about the flora and fauna native only to this area. Once you reach the top, look both left and right, because if it’s a clear day, you’ll see both the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts of Costa Rica, as well as the massive and still active Arenal Volcano. Nearby is the San Luis waterfall, tumbling 100 meters (330 feet) off a cliff.
The town of Monteverde is a great base for exploring the surrounding natural areas, with quaint hotels, a farmer’s market, restaurants, a museum, art shops and bars.


Ask us about seeing more natural wonders that Monteverde has to offer and we can take you to the Frog Pond, the Butterfly Garden, Orchid Garden and the Bat Jungle.


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