Christmas Vacation in Guanacaste

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Christmas is a great time to visit Guanacaste, Costa Rica! Not only is the weather absolutely perfect at this time of year, with warm sunny days and no rain, there are lots of people around on the beaches to enjoy the holidays, restaurants put on Christmas specials and bars are full with locals and tourists alike.

Christmas vacation in Guanacaste

Costa Rica is mainly a Christian country, so Christmas is an important time of year for families. People from the city who have time off work will head to the beach, adding to the busy atmosphere at coastal tourist towns especially in Guanacaste province. In many towns and cities, there are religious processions in the streets, including parades with horses, oxen and other animals. Families put up nativity scenes in their windows and kids go door to door singing Christmas carols. Costa Ricans give Christmas gifts and have a Christmas dinner, but generally on a much smaller scale than in North America.

When you’re visiting Costa Rica at Christmastime, you’ll find shops and restaurants decorate for the holidays just like in North America, and you might even see a few Christmas palm trees and even a sandman on the beach, as opposed to a snowman!

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