Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

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Costa Rica’s natural protection area for caimans, howler monkeys, birds, lizards, turtles and more is set on 25,000 acres of grasslands, rainforest, marshes and three rivers, close to the impressive Arenal Volcano.

On the lazy rivers, caimans bask in the sun during the day as the howlers play in the branches above, and you might even spot the elusive albino monkey who lives with his black counterparts. Another rare but possible sight is the three-toed sloths who live here and sleepily hang in the trees. And if you’re really, really lucky, you might spot a puma or a jaguar.

Book your trip to Caño Negro and we can arrange a special boat tour for you, or even a half-day fishing trip, where you’ll be casting lines next to fishermen who only fish here, thanks to its fruitful waters. While you’re on the water, look up to see birds like the endangered roseate spoonbill and jacana, as well as anhingas, wood storks, black-bellied whistling ducks, blue-winged teals, glossy ibis, kingfishers, green basilisk lizards, the Nicaraguan grackle, plus howler and capuchin monkeys. In the waters below you might spot some caimans, turtles and fish including tarpon, snook, drum, machaca, gar and rainbow bass.

Even the trip to Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is wonderful, as you’ll be driving past pineapple plantations and you may see Arenal Volcano off in the distance.
Hours : 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily
Telephone : 2471-1309
Entrance Fee : $10

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