August 31, 2011

Guanacaste Real Estate


Costa Rica continues to be one of the most desirable Latin American countries within Central America, which goes to show, just why the Guanacaste real estate market is thriving. Many have traveled from far and near to experience the culture, the food, the music, the weather and the slow paced way of life.

It is very common to find expats who have moved from one end of the country to the next before settling into a property to call their home. This is often done at the advisement of many in order to explore all that Costa Rica has to offer. With so many micro-climates, mini-cultures and diverse landscapes, house hopping may not be such a bad idea. My personal journey has taken me to four very different areas of the country in eleven short months.

The Guanacaste Real Estate Market is SPICY HOT!

While many chose specific areas for specific reasons, the most sought after location amongst my group of associates is Guanacaste. Guanacaste real estate has seen an enormous surge in development in the past few years. In fact, it garners the most interest of all beach Costa Rica real estate.

For most, Guanacaste is synonymous to the sea, the beach, the sun! It boasts a tropical dry climate and a short rainy season. Meanwhile, the highlands of the Guanacaste landscape offer a cooler moist climate and an awe-inspiring cloud forest. Such features have easily made Guanacaste the number one tourist destination in Costa Rica.

guanacaste real estateBut beyond the natural beauty of its coast, Guanacaste Real Estate is as good as it gets. The big attraction is the diversity of beach and ocean view properties stretched along the 125 mile coastline from Marbella to near Nicaragua. The majority of Guanacaste real estate buyers in the Guanacaste region are people who are relocating, looking for vacation property or seeking great investments for rental income.

The beauty and mystic fuels the Guanacaste real estate market with surges of foreign investment

With an ever-growing international airport, the region of Guanacaste has become an investor’s goldmine. The opening of the airport in 2002 has turned Guanacaste real estate into the hottest real estate area in Costa Rica. Guanacaste real estate offers a unique feature not found in most of the country. The discovery of Kalia Living has become Guanacaste’s claim to fame. Kalia living offers stunning eco-living within many of the beautiful coastal villages of the region. This amazing feature provides an environmentally-friendly property designed to recycle and use natural resources as often as possible.

These fabulous Guanacaste real estate villages offer property buying enthusiasts roomy homes with indoor pools, stunning ocean views and surroundings and modern amenities, as well as all of the many creature comforts one could ever desire. While many leave their homes in search for paradise, Guanacaste real estate is intentionally designed to bring paradise to your home.


Not surprisingly, the Guanacaste real estate market holds opportunity for everyone!

With golf, fine foods, night life, hiking trails, water sports, Costa Rica fishing vacations, horseback riding, boating, and beaches all within a stone’s throw of your property, can life get any better? So, if you’re still contemplating where to make your next move, sit back and mediate on the only phrase that matters: Destination Guanacaste. Once you experience all that Guanacaste real estate has to offer, life as you know it will never be the same.

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