Situated along the shore of Brasilito beach, is the palm leaf thatched roof of The Happy Snapper.

This quaint little seaside restaurant offers a variety of dishes to please even the most finicky eater (like myself).

The day I was there it was like any other in Playa Brasilito…HOT & HUMID. I noticed how convenient the layout of the place was with the circular bar in the middle and the dinning tables around the outside. To be honest I felt right at home considering right above my head when I looked up…was a large Canadian flag. I knew this place had a good feel about it. 😉

I was there with a business associate who happens to spend a lot of time in the area. He suggested I try the shrimp brisque soup. He swore by it…then proceeded to order a burger or something.

I ordered what he suggested considering I’m a diabetic vegetarian.

I was INCREDIBLE. I’ve never in my life had a soup like that. It had soooo much flavor…mmmmm…I’m craving it now just writing about it.

Of course I was kidding about the burger order…my associate ordered a grilled mahi mahi plate and if I didn’t try to nab myself some of that too.

Overall I would recommend the Happy Snapper to anyone meandering around Playa Brasilito and while your at it…stop in and say to my associate Jerad in the offices right next door. He’ll be amused at the gesture.