Having visited Playa Brasilito only a couple of times, I will try to do my best to describe to you, the best I can, how beautiful this beach in Guanacaste is.

Situated along the Gold Coast of Costa Rica, Brasilito is nestled between Playa Flamingo and the World Famous, Playa Conchal. By no means however is Playa Brasilito any less appealing that the “other” beaches of the area.

Brasilito stretches for…of course I am estimating…about 1-1.5kms and is a hot spot amongst “ticos” aka Costa Ricans.

The sand is fine with a yellow hue to it. According to other sources, Playa Brasilito was one of the first beaches in the Guanacaste region to become known throughout the globe.

Retaining much of it’s local appeal, you will find a soccer field in the center of town that is surrounded by vendors, tourism activities like diving, horseback riding etc, church and many little corner stores.

Brasilito is primarily a small fishing village which stands to reason why the fish at the areas restaurants is so scrumptious.

Now although Playa Brasilito stands squarely between the two heavyweights in the popular beaches of Guanacaste category, she does a pretty darn good job and I would highly recommend a stop in at Playa Brasilito next time you are in the neighborhood.