June 20, 2011

Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is perfectly located in one of the most beautiful regions of Costa Rica, the Province of Guanacaste. This quaint town has all that one could desire. Whether you enjoy camping in the rough or being pampered in the most luxurious accommodations, this resort destination is the place for you. Playa Conchal is surrounded by cattle ranches which give it a country feel. But, once you pass through its agricultural threshold, what you experience is akin to entering into another earthly dimension.

With signature sunrises and sunsets that are customary to the region, Playa Conchal remains a gem amongst all Guanacaste beaches. In fact, it’s the only Pacific Coast beach that offers a perfect blend of crystal clear water and the subtle gentleness of the sea which makes your submerged oceanic encounter feel like your swimming between layers of silk. The transparency of its water makes the entire experience a delight.

But, it doesn’t stop there. With a spectacular assortment of marine life nestled in the open currents of the ocean, you can either snorkel with the tropical fish or observe the stingrays that freely swim in the area. For the more adventurous, the beach offers deep sea fishing, scuba diving and other water sports that will keep your pulse rate up.

Playa Conchal is by far, the #1 beach in Costa Rica!

The beauty of the water is equally matched by the sand which ultimately makes it Costa Rica’s most desirable vacation destination. As you stroll along the beachfront it seems as if you’re walking on normal sand, but when you look down, you discover one of nature’s most breathtaking creations. The white sand is actually composed of hundreds of millions of tiny white shell deposits bonded together. The magnificence of this natural creation is what ultimately inspired the natives to name their town, Playa Conchal, after.


What makes Playa Conchal even more unique is the 1.5 kilometer stretch of trees which create a natural shaded formulation of privacy, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. There are also areas along the beach path where overnight camping is permitted. So, for the outdoorsy type, what better way is there to end the day than beneath a starry sky? And, if you’re worried about temperature, don’t.

Playa Conchal provides the perfect blend of luxury and nature – wrapped in the most exquisite packaging.

Playa Conchal is the only place on earth that has its own season – Perfection. Almost all year long, the town is bathed in sunshine. With 12 hours of daylight from December through April, and a temperature of 36 degrees Celsius for most of the year, both natives and tourists partake in a climatic experience only few have come to know and understand.

As you step out of the water and steal a moment to take in your surrounds, you will be awestruck by the beautiful scenery, especially around the corners of the rocks and cliffs. The town’s natural landscape serves as a reminder to partake in an excursion and hiking trip at the nearby national parks and nature reserves.

If you’re a golfer, your ultimate pleasure is just a few steps away. The custom designed golf course ‘Garra de Leon’ is considered one of the best golf courses in all of Central America. Enjoy the feel of the green as you putt, swing and eagle your way through the course.

After a hard day of pleasure, it’s finally time to rest. The neighboring town of Brasilito, a short walking distance along the beaches of Conchal, vacationers can find an array of affordable hotels, restaurants, and bars. For a more upscale experience, also within close proximity to Playa Conchal, is the community of Playa Flamingo where you will find a small assortment of classy hotels and restaurants.

Once the night has come to an end, you can take pleasure in knowing that you are just a few hours away from enjoying the same experience all over again. Playa Conchal…pure excellence.

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