August 17, 2011

In Guanacaste, One Can Find “Wonderland”

Playa Flamingo

After 34 years of living in the United States, my wife and I got the urge to try something different. “How about living overseas”, she said to me while watching the news on a weekday evening. At first I thought she was teasing, but as the conversation developed I soon discovered how serious she really was. “Let’s just take our four kids and go”, she exclaimed with a spirit of excitement and a look of intensity.

After much consideration and prayer, we decided to start our journey. At first, Costa Rica was nowhere on the radar. In fact, our sights were set on Europe, Australia and Canada. However, after several months of research, we discovered a little country in Central America called Costa Rica.

After ruling out about 30 countries, Costa Rica stared looking better and better. So, we bought books, read blogs, watched videos and spoke to several people about this small Latin nation. We even mustered up enough courage and funds to make our first visit.

January 8, 2011, we flew into San Jose and drove 4 hours into Guanacaste. It felt like heaven on earth. It was a tranquil paradise of beautiful beaches and scenic pleasures. The weather was gorgeous, the food was great and the people were warm and friendly. But all these things combined couldn’t be enough to make my family of six pack up and head for the Guanacaste Coast. We had one looming question that hung over our heads for several months after we returned.

“What would life be like in Guanacaste, Costa Rica?”

This life changing question would soon be followed by many others. Where will our kids go to school? Where will we live? How will we develop relationships with a huge language barrier? How long will it take for us to learn Spanish? Will we find a church home? What are the laws in this country? How long will it take for us to adjust? Will we like it here?

All the conversations with people and reading of books would not adequately answer all of our questions. So, to the advice of many, we decided to pack our bags and spent the entire summer in the region of Guanacaste. We rented a beautiful home in Playa Flamingo. The day we moved in, our girls ran around our 1 acre of gated property with glee. With excitement in her eyes, my oldest daughter said, “Daddy, this is just like Alice and Wonderland but better.”

With beautiful white sands, clear blue water, a large assortment of fruit trees, rolling hills, and gardens manicured to perfection, we nicknamed our home ‘Wonderland!’ Why? It’s simple.

Guanacaste beaches could have been painted by Picasso

Playa Flamingo is surrounded by beauty. With an array of surrounding Guanacaste beaches like Playa Conchal, Basilito and Tamarindo, that look as though they were painted by Picasso himself – it’s a paradise for both children and adults alike. With sport fishing, championship golf courses, water sports, an abundance of marine life and kids activities just minutes away from our Dream home, it is truly a wonder.

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