October 9, 2012

Guanacaste Wins the Lotto – Government to Contribute $67 Million to Regain Tourism Confidence


It was only just over a month ago when a 7.6 magnitude quake struck the Nicoya and devastated Guanacaste with millions in damages.

The most affect sector of the economy here was the tourism sector – among them were the various resorts in Costa Rica around this well-known hotspot for lavish, all inclusive establishments.

Marco Jimenez, mayor of the Nicoya went on record saying how this quake has made an already slower than average low season, even worse.

Recognizing this  situation and wanting to “nip it” before it gets too out of hand, President Laura Chinchilla called a meeting with council and the various mayors throughout Guanacaste to discuss the idea of the government allocating some $67 million dollars. The idea is to spend the money for the most urgent situations and to find a quick solution to attracting tourism to the area in the wake of the earthquake.

Mr.Jimenez has also stated that he wishes the members of Costa Rican Volcanology Observatory (OVSICORI) and the National Seismology Network, to do their best to rethink any media releases surrounding the prediction of future quakes to the region. This would contribute to any efforts taken by government officials and tourism members at gaining tourist confidence again.

It is important to note that, although scientists in Costa Rica were accurate on their predictions of this last earthquake, this is highly irregular and often seismologists are wrong in their attempts at predicting seismic activity. In fact this is the holy grail for seismologists – to be able to predict an earthquake is something that could save thousands of lives world wide.

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