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July 18, 2011

Guanacaste is Simply, A GOOD INVESTMENT

Guanacaste beaches

Guanacaste is both a good investment offline and online. Here’s what I’m talking about.

A few very short weeks ago I took a gamble. Now not being much of a gambler, I prefer the sure thing, I couldn’t refute what the statistics were telling me.

In cyberspace, at least with regards to Costa Rica, Guanacaste is the most searched and therefore lucrative term in Google. Google values this domain at over $5700 a month!!! Now of course one has to be cautious when reviewing search volume and other statistics because there are many wrenches that will thrown your way to confuse you. I once wrote how finding “niche” markets was similar to panning for gold. If you are fortunate enough to find a nugget…YOU’RE RICH!

Having struck gold when I discovered the potential this market held, I knew I had to have it.

So here we are…a few short weeks after the fact. So what’s transpired?

Well, for starters, this domain was previously off the charts sitting at a measly Page 3 on Google for the term Guanacaste. So where’s it at now you may wonder? Well now, and keep in mind it has been only a few weeks, we sit at #5 on Page 1. Now that may or may not impress you however for someone who lives and breathes Costa Rica SEO…THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

In addition to that amazing feat, we’ve also had, probably the most decorative and fashionable logo in the biz designed, and now we move forward by getting some postcards, tshirts and even polo shirts made up. In the future we plan to put together a Guanacaste calendar filled with eye-popping scenery from around this beautiful province.

Guanacaste is a Good Investment Both On & Offline

Now, outside of the online investment potential we have the offline, real world examples of why Guanacaste is a good investment.

It’s not hard to come across all the press about how Guanacaste is the booming place to be in Costa Rica – only reinforcing this, is the mega-projects underway to facilitate the Costa Rica medical tourism sectors.

Construction has begun on the Pacific Plaza Health & Living project that will included a full-service CIMA hospital and recovery facilities onsite. The project, upon completion, is expected to exceed $125 million.

Guanacaste InvestmentA short 2kms away from the Liberia International airport, is the future site of the Sun Ranch Project. This mega-development will include a full service $40m Clinica Biblica hospital along with two branded hotels, recovery facilities and even an 18-hole Robert Trent Jones Jr. golf course. How’s that for medical tourism luxury? Of the projects currently on the table for Guanacaste, the Sun Ranch Project is the most anticipated due to it’s shear economic potential for the surrounding areas. Sun Ranch, upon completion, is expected to surpass the $500m mark.

Then there’s the rest of us little folks…

Scattered across the shores of the Gold Coast, it’s not hard to find a variety of beachfront or “beachside” properties. The problem however is that many owners have realized that the Costa Rica real estate market has begun to bounce back. And in a BIG way.

That being said prices are rising. The prices of 2005-2006 appear to have vacated the building. Now the average price for a lot is anywhere near (and I mean “walking distance”) from the Guanacaste beaches, is around $250k or higher.

There is one stand out worth mentioning though…

Sandwiched between Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo, is Playa Brasilito. This quaint fishing village is topped with a majestic beach of white sand and virtual wave-less waters friendly enough for even the kids. A short 5 min walk via the palm-lined drive leading to the community, is Catalina Cove.

Catalina Cove sold out in the hay-days of 2006 when beachside property was literally flying out the door. The past has returned. If only for a short moment, one can now indulge themselves and relive, instead of regret, the days when Guanacaste beachside life was affordable. Priced at $132,000 the Catalina Cove gated community is shovel ready! All infrastructure including cable, electric, water and Internet, are all on site.

These are some examples of the offline Guanacaste investments worth mentioning however there are many others…YOU JUST HAVE TO LOOK!

* for more information on any of the above mentioned Guanacaste investments, feel free to contact us and we will provide you with anything else you may further require.

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  1. What are your thoughts? You have any other developments in mind that maybe I should have mentioned? Tell me about them.

  2. I totally agree with your concept that Guanacaste is best for investing. I have also invested my money here and purchased a land.

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