January 26, 2012

Guanacaste Farmers Fear Expected Drought

Guanacaste drought

In July of this year the decline in rainfall was 65% of the historic average and in September it was 50%.

Frijoleros prefer not planting to avoid crop losses.

In the Nicoya, 60% of bean growers were not encouraged to buy seed although planting time is upon them, out of fear of losing their crop, revealed Felix Vasquez, Managing Director of the Cantonal Agricultural Center (CAC).

The fear of agricultural producers is due to the sharp decline in rainfall throughout the province of Guanacaste – a situation that is currently on alert for the agricultural sector.

Vasquez stated that they recognize producers are scared and decided to plant far less than average because of an expected shortage of rains in late November and early December.

Meanwhile, the company Coopeguanacaste RL, which distributes electricity in parts of the province, hopes to overcome the situation because it has a hydropower plant located in Canelete, Upala-north-where it rains more often due to the influence of the Caribbean with all of its common storm fronts and low pressure systems.

That apprehension is not unfounded – data from the National Meteorological Institute (IMN) show that in July there was a decline of 65% of the historic average rainfall and the 15th of this month it had rained 50% less than average.

The forecasts indicate that there will be a shortfall of 50% in October, the last month before the dry season.

This year the rains are also irregular in the central and south Pacific – not just solely in the Guanacaste region.

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