June 16, 2012

Guanacaste Costa Rica On The Rebound?


The economic stability of Guanacaste real estate has been in question over the past few years. With the world crisis hitting hard in the region, Guanacaste found itself in territory it hadn’t felt in a very long time.

For years now the area has been a beehive of activity with high rolling investors and substantial residential and retirement interests. Tico Times had forecasted Guanacaste as being the “next big thing” for attracting investment dollars in to the country.

Costa Rica had thought –  for the most part – that she’d dodged the bullet of the economic world crisis. This wasn’t the case.

When it came down…it came down with a vengeance. Massive development projects started to drop off the radar one by one and assume the “holding pattern” stance.

Now however, with Guanacaste Costa Rica throughout the media more and more each day, we are seeing a rebound of sorts. Well, at least “talk” of one.

Many of these developers that went in to a holding pattern are now emerging and re-energizing their publicity in anticipation of breaking ground.

One these project is the Guanacaste Country Club by Craig Williamson. This project has been in the planning stages now for some time but as of late we are now seeing a revival of sorts and co-founder and partner to Craig Williamson, Frank Biden, is even working the media to build anticipation for their future Costa Rica retirement destination.

So let’s see shall we — maybe Guanacaste Costa Rica will return to it’s glory days of wealth and health like it was a few years back.

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