October 22, 2013

Best Value Luxury Real Estate in Guanacaste Costa Rica


Some of Costa Rica’s most opulent luxury real estate is found in Guanacaste, called the Gold Coast for its endless unspoiled, golden, sandy beaches.

This part of the country has been called Costa Rica’s last frontier – an area that is now being fully recognized for its natural beauty and the government has taken strict measures regarding over development. There are many popular beach towns along the coast, each with its own special unique flavor, many of which provide a cozy place to relocate.

Prices have dropped in Costa Rica Real Estate for the past few years as even this region was unable to avoid the effect from the U.S. economic crisis. Not the best news for sellers but great news for investors and buyers!

Many luxury properties have been on the market by very motivated sellers looking to sell their property. Researching the properties available in Guanacaste, you’ll find large discounts on high end, luxury properties and condo’s.
In many cases you can find $30,000 savings on condo’s and as high as $400,000 savings on the luxury estates. This presents a tremendous opportunity for buyers and investors with vision. An $800,000 budget in 2013, can now buy you a $1,300,000 or more worth of Real Estate priced in 2008. If you are in a position to capitalize on the current market, you’re buying power has gone up remarkably. When the market completely rebounds smart investors will see phenomenal returns.

The northern regions of Guanacaste have been getting a lot of attention from individual real estate investors and builders this year. The region has largely remained undeveloped, with mile upon mile of untouched coastline at lower than average prices. The reason in years past was access. Now with constant improvements to roads as well as the Liberia International Airport receiving more and more flights from across the globe, tourism has increased has spiked recent years to the northern region. Tourism is traditionally a precursor to real estate development, as a result there are more properties coming on the market and buyers looking for unique locations and growth areas to develop.

The Nicoya Peninsula has long attracted people seeking everything from a hippie lifestyle to plush mountain private estates. While there is plenty of luxury real estate in Guanacaste’s Nicoya region, most sales in the past year have been at the $200,000 mark or under. The area features a large number of gated communities at this price range that attract foreign buyers. Much more populated than many of the northern regions of Guanacaste, there is certainly no shortage of hot real estate deals on the Nicoya.

Whether you are looking for a reduced price condo in Tamarindo or gated community property on the Nicoya or a beach home in the northern region of the Gold Coast, Guanacaste has plenty to offer anyone seeking a bottom-of-the-barrel luxury real estate opportunity.

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